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The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1992

Bleh I am clawing back my motivation for this thing from the jaws of my own lackluster time management skills bit by grisly bit, but hey, at least the charts themselves are brightening up somewhat! Rap is still gaining momentum (as it will just about every year this decade) alternative rock was dealing non-alternative rock…

The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1991

Mea culpa, the framing I often employ in these intros of “the bad trends” versus “the good trends” is highly reductive and, worse yet, not nearly the kind of broadly-graspable categorization that would actually warrant such casual bandying about. It’s a bad habit left over from the early days of PGTY, where it dovetailed nicely…

The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1991

I swear to GOD if anyone asks me where “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is before checking the ‘91 year-end hot 100 I am going to permaban them from my comments section ANYWAY 1991! The year of the alternative revolution! Ten and Gish and Badmotorfinger and Loveless and Spiderland and sundry other semi-underground megadarlings predicated on…

"Ugly apparition
God's gift to oxygen, the puffed-up immortal son
How they love him cause he'll become
The ghost at number one"

-Jellyfish, "The Ghost at Number One"

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