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The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1989

It feels like I should have more to say at the top of the worst list for my least-favorite year for chart pop. But I don’t. 1989 sucked, and these 10 songs sucked the hardest. On with the show! #10: New Kids on the Block- I’ll Be Loving You (Forever) This is probably at least…

The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1989

At long last, our trek across the 80s has brought us to the smoldering crater that is 1989. The year it all went wrong. The single worst year of chart pop I have ever had to sit through, worse song-for-song than any other year-end hot 100 I’ve encountered to date. Delving into the reasons why…

The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1988

Not only was 1988 the first year in a while where I didn’t have to make at least one or two tough cuts for the best list, it also brought an unusually crowded field of worst-list contenders. This is the start of a three-year stretch where a whole lot of songs seemed to be in…

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