PGTY season 3 UPDATE!

Howdy, all!

Just popping in for a quick update on the status of PopGoesTheYear, since against all odds it seems there’s actually a small audience for this thing. The website just recently passed 10,000 total pageviews- a pretty modest accomplishment, but I can honestly say I never actually thought I would get even this far. Thanks, everyone.

First, I must sadly break the news that my goal of resuming regular updates before the end of November does not currently look to be feasible. I’m definitely bummed about it, but I burned out pretty hard over the summer and for a while it was all I could do just to keep pace with the other writing obligations I currently have, on top of switching jobs and beginning to plan a move out of my home state. 2021 has been a crazy year, and I can’t say I’ve consistently handled the stress well.

But! All hope is not lost, for I am now just barely far enough along on my 80s write-ups to set an OFFICIAL DATE for the debut of PGTY season 3! Barring some kind of horrible typing-related tragedy, the Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1980 will be published January 12, 2022, with regular updates every Wednesday afterwards. 

I appreciate all the patience and support people have shown thus far, and I assure everyone who cares that my commitment to seeing this behemoth of a project through remains unwavering. Onwards and upwards!

One thought on “PGTY season 3 UPDATE!

  1. Nice work Nic! I just saw yer dad and was askin’ about ya – good luck in Spokane and thx again fer playlist puzzle help with our Positive Protest project!

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