PGTY Update whoooo

Hey all, no regular post today, I’ve been focusing on other projects this week and adjusting to an increase in hours at my day job— just how it goes sometimes. In lieu of a new Pop Goes The Year list, feel free to instead read my review of Willi Carlisle’s fantastic new album Peculiar, Missouri for, or any number of the other great reviews there provided by our sundry staff, contributors, and users! I also recommend this old but very interesting article I happened across while researching said review, which pulls at some threads that I hope to investigate in PGTY’s near future. And if, after all this, you’re STILL hungry for more hard-hitting and attractive music writing, my Twitter acquaintance and fellow hard-workin’ pseudojournalist HolidayKirk has JUST TODAY published his list of the 50 Greatest Nu-Metal Albums of All Time and it is an invaluable read, the guy is an endless font of music knowledge and his enthusiasm for this oft-underestimated scene is truly infectious. Anywho, we’ll be back with the worst of 1988 this time next week, pinky promise!

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