The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1980

First, just another quick reminder there’s a NEW Spotify playlist compiling every worst-list entry! Hit the link here and give it a follow if you want to listen along! As I alluded to in the best list intro, 1980 is not the “real” 80s, both in the annoyingly pedantic literal sense (which I do notContinue reading “The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1980”

The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1980

Alright, we’re a week late but nonetheless raring to go! As per usual, there are TWO new Spotify playlists compiling the best-list and worst-list entrants. Hit those links and give ’em a follow to listen along as we journey through the greatest and least pop music of the 1980s! Though my feelings on the decadeContinue reading “The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1980”

PGTY season 3 UPDATE!

Howdy, all! Just popping in for a quick update on the status of PopGoesTheYear, since against all odds it seems there’s actually a small audience for this thing. The website just recently passed 10,000 total pageviews- a pretty modest accomplishment, but I can honestly say I never actually thought I would get even this far.Continue reading “PGTY season 3 UPDATE!”

The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1979

The 70s ended with a bang, for better and for worse. The disco bubble finally burst in July with the infamous “Disco Demolition Night” at Comiskey Park in Chicago, and in its wake a massive power vacuum formed in the pop world as labels scrambled to abandon the genre in favor of something, anything else,Continue reading “The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1979”

The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1978

‘78 may have been the disco-iest year in music history, but the rogue’s gallery for the year nonetheless managed to wind up fairly diverse. Rock still offered up a few bottom-of-the-barrel misfires, Grease gave us a whopping three worst list entries, and a melange of other stinkers managed to fill out the remainder in aContinue reading “The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1978”

The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1978

In the larger music world, 1978 was a strong and incredibly diverse year for music. From heavy metal and punk beginning to properly gain traction in the underground and beyond, to experimental oddballs like The Residents and Sun-Ra flourishing in the even-deeper-underground, to art school heroes like Kate Bush, Devo and Kraftwerk gaining or strengtheningContinue reading “The Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 1978”

The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1977

Finally, eight years in, it feels like we’re really, truly in the thick of the seventies, and this year’s worst list plays out like a greatest hits compilation of all the most unpleasant musical impulses the decade produced. From songs drowning in seas of goopy strings to empty-headed dancefloor filler to even emptier-headed rock, everythingContinue reading “The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1977”

The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1976

Oddly, I kind of think the worst music of ‘76 is as in keeping with the year’s blockbuster quality as the best music is. This feels like one of the first years where the bad stuff is just as notorious and iconic as the good stuff, the first year where a casual reader might actuallyContinue reading “The Top 10 Worst Hit Songs of 1976”